Austin Van Quality Assurance

Austin Van & Storage utilizes a process that tracts the entire shipment from origin to destination. This system enables Austin Van to control quality assurance the moment of compromise as well as provide us the opportunity to recognize each individual involved with a particular shipment. This program was implemented in 1963 and has been modified consistently each year. This system was specifically designed to maintain a proficient concept of business allowing us to offer competitive rates without compromising quality care and service.



The selected committee for quality assurance monitors the execution of ongoing training for all employees. This training is an extensive process designed specifically to detail an individual’s responsibility. New hires are required to participate in a two-week session pertaining to their particular job description. The process incorporates modern computer technology as well as hands on supervision. Upon completion of this program they are assigned job site training for another two grueling weeks. Cross training is considered an essential part of the program and a significant amount of time is concentrated on customer perception and satisfaction.



Austin Van & Storage measures success through customer satisfaction. This is accomplished via surveys and direct communication with the customer. This allows Austin Van to create a profile on each employee to accurately assess his or her progress and potential.


Recognition/Corrective Action

Austin Van & Storage recognizes superior performance with the following methods:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee of the Year
  • Quarterly Bonuses
  • Promotions

Austin Van & Storage has defined a corrective action program designed to recognize the challenge and weakness of each employee, which enables the committee to determine the appropriate action to follow.